Wednesday, June 5, 2019

St. Hildegard ROCKS

St. Hildegard of Bingen, OSB
Feast Day: Sept. 17th

Abbess-Writer-Composer- Philosopher-Mystic
Visionary- Polymath- Founder of Scientific Natural History

According to St. Hildegard, gemstones are formed through the powerful combination of fire and water; therefore they had powers corresponding to these phenomena.
She also believed that each store had a certain divine blessing from God. During medieval times healers used them for treating symptoms.

Check out her book:  Physica

Here's a handful of stones she lists uses for:

EMERALD- headaches
ONYX- stomach + spleen
AGATE or CHALCEDONY- fever + calm irrational temper
SAPPHIRE- gout + eye pain
JASPER- deafness
AMETHYST- beatify skin + combat insect bites
AGATE QUARTZ- restore emotional balance + harmony + increases practicality
QUARTZ- heart, stomach upset, abdominal pain

Nowadays, the metaphysical properties are heralded and the thing to know.
emerald- relationships, a "heart" stone
onyx-protection + strengthening
chalcedony- peace and joy  
agate- mental function + soothes and calms
sapphire- mental clarity, intuition
jasper- pain relief (also depends on the color)
amethyst-physical ailments and emotional issues
agate - * see jasper properties!
quartz-healing and balancing energy

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Our Lady of Guadalupe - a meditation

A Waning Moon Meditation

Items needed:
a Pink Candle.

Our Lady of Guadalupe's message is one of love and compassion. She invites us to consciously open and take in more and more of who others truly are. In this Waning Moon, working with Our Lady of Guadalupe we can assist her in her charge to help and protect all mankind by releasing any obstructions to love compassion. 
When we hear of or see another person’s hardships, and we feel the twinge of their suffering, and are moved to extend the help that lies within our power, this is compassion. Love manifests in many forms; spiritual love, is not selective and exclusive. Its existence serves to unite.

Locate a comfortable space, and sit quietly and be present with your thoughts of Love and Compassion. Ask yourself what hinders you from the full experience of practicing love and compassion. Be present with yourself, your thoughts, and your answers.

When you are ready, acknowledge the pink candle as your Love and Compassion manifest. Envision Our Lady of Guadalupe helping your obstructions become manageable. Offer her a prayer of thanksgiving.